70 cl.

CASTA is the result of the Laboratorio Italiano project, the first grappa to be made from pure grape skins, created for mixing. A team of 12 bartenders, all opinion leaders, came together with the Castagner distillery to create a product and a project dedicated to mixology.

Raw material:

Prosecco Grappa (85%)


Distilled 5 times using the continuous technique in columns over 20 metres high.

Volume of alcohol:

40% vol.

Fermentation and storage

As soon as the incredibly fresh grape skins arrive to the distillery, the pips and stalks are removed, eliminating all wood-like plant substances. After removing the woody parts, the grape skins are stored using the Grappa System method, which involves storing them in food-grade plastic tunnels in a modified atmosphere with pH correction.

Pairings and cocktails

CASTA is perfect in Italian versions of vermouth, bitters and liqueur-based classics and best shows off its versatility as a base for Italian sour cocktails.

Riccardo Marinelli

CASTA is essentially a “new” product, that follows Italy’s long tradition, yet completely overturns the pre-concept that only views grappa as a spirit to drink at the end of a meal. It is the result of the desire for grappa to become an ingredient in new cocktails, which is why Castagner began to study a new grappa concept. CASTA, the first grappa to be made by distilling only grape skins, has a soft and elegant flavour with a slightly sapid finale, perfect for mixing. Grappa, which has always been a taboo among mixologists, has today found a new dimension.

CASTA works really well with rich and complex Italian-style vermouth but is also great with the more delicate and sapid French versions. The combo with bitters and Italian liqueurs is also excellent (along the lines of a grappa-based negroni), making it perfect as a base for sour cocktails. Whether we’re talking about a modern take on classic recipes or completely new creations, I can officially say that, today, I've got my mixing grappa "in line" (technically speaking, the bottles that a bartender uses the most during the evening) - pure and Casta.

Cinzia Ferro

One look at the bottle and you’ll fall under its spell.... CASTA! I had the honour of making my own small contribution to the creation of this wonderful spirit. A delicate and elegant grappa suitable for all palates.
Thanks to Casta, I’ve finally been able to use also grappa to win over the taste buds of some ladies who never thought it possible to drink our fantastic national spirit!! On its own or as a mixer, Casta has become a trick up my sleeve to astound people: grappa-based cocktails!
I've always made them, but the balance of this new product helps me to surprise people << am I really drinking something with grappa in it??> this is what I hear from many customers who get me to give them new “potions” to try.
Casta’s magic lies in its soft flavour and its ability to be mixed and to go perfectly with lots of different ingredients.
You’ll already be won over by Casta’s delicate aromas, and you’ll continue to fall under its spell with every sip.
Yet another excellent idea by Castagner. Thank you!! With admiration, An old landlady of the lake who loves churning out smile potions.

Marino Lucchetti

Casta is a versatile and innovative product that's perfect for creating new versions of classic cocktails.
The Americano and the Negroni are 2 aperitifs that are really popular here in Venice, so I wanted to come up with a proposal that would attract the attention of even the most demanding customers.   “Casta 4.1” presented for the first time at the 2018 Vinitaly exhibition, has carved out a small but satisfying niche for itself.
The “4.1” refers to the blend of 4 Vermouths and 4 bitters, with a ginger soda topping to finish it off.  This is a refreshing and slightly spicy drink, following the trend of the last few years.
Those looking for a digestif, on the other hand, are recommended to venture into our Gin&Tonic corner, where open-minded non-conformists will find a valid response to their thirst for new things: Casta and Tonic is a pleasant alternative to the classic gin.

Paolo Sanna

Casta is the result of a unique experience, and I’m proud to have taken part in the Italian Laboratory project. I adore challenges and visionaries like Roberto Castagner.
I believe the desired result has been achieved to the full: an Italian grappa that’s ready for mixing, maintaining its character but finally versatile enough and suitable for creating all kinds of drinks.
A spirit par excellence for mixing “in perfect Italian style”.
My Proposal - VIA VENETO: (50ml Casta, 25ml Lemon, 20ml pear and clove syrup, 15ml pasteurised egg whites, Topping of Bardolino Classico).
Shake all the ingredients together except for the wine and pour into a champagne glass.
Lastly, add the wine topping and garnish with edible dried flowers.
An Italian take on the classic New York Sour, fresh and elegant, an important expression of la dolce vita with a Venetian heart.
This drink is dedicated to women with strong characters.

Samuele Ambrosi

Many people see grappa as still being linked to how our grandfathers used to drink it: a digestif.
Today, its identity has changed a lot and, thanks to technological developments, there are some incredibly high-quality products on the market.
I was lucky enough to be able to contribute to the creation of CASTA, the first grappa designed specifically for mixing.
It is a simple product but is full of character, with a strong identity and a great personality.
Being a prosecco grappa, it is characterised by a decidedly complex flavour, as is the case for many spirits with a strong character and complex aromas that you can find today on the international market.
It works really well if you want to give classic recipes a twist or is great for exotic cocktails that are really popular among young and sporty customers who love fresh and flattering flavours.
With a grappa like this, the world of mixology can experiment with new drink creations, finally giving this drink the dignity that it deserves.